Socio-demographic and health vulnerability

The maps show Georgia counties’ socio-demographic and health vulnerability based on indices generated utilizing secondary data from the American Census Survey and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The index measures vulnerability based on the following items: percentage of the population over 65, percentage of the minority population, percentage population below poverty, percentage population with diabetes, percentage population with obesity, CVD mortality among 65 and over as percentage of population, and percentage population that were hospitalized for CVD. The higher the index number the higher is the counties’ socio-demographic and health vulnerability.


  • The number of cases in April were highest in Hall, Gwinnett, DeKalb, Fulton, Cobb, and Dougherty. However, the case incidence is highest in counties in southwest Georgia.
  • The most vulnerable counties are Macon, Taliaferro, Wilkinson, Hancock, Clay, Early, Crisp, Suter, Burke, Peach, Jefferson, Twigs, Dougherty, Dooly, Clinch, Turner, Warren, Laurens, Seminole, and Bibb county. Of these, the incidence in April was highest in Clay, Early, Turner, Crisp, Dooly, Macon, Sumter, and Dougherty (more than 200 cases per 10,000 population). Some of the counties with more than 100 cases per 10,000 population and are vulnerable are Hancock, Burke, Wilkinson, and Seminole counties.

These maps are for March and April. We will continue tracking the pandemic as it evolves over May. We will update the maps for May.

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Data source: COVID-19 case data is from USA Facts