Disparate Burden of the Pandemic on Georgia Communities

To date, evidence on the evolving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic suggests the following:

  1. Adults with cardiovascular disease (CVD) are at increased risk of acquiring COVID-19 and experiencing mortality.1

  2. COVID-19 pandemic add additional burden on healthcare systems already facing disparate CVD burden.2

The 159 counties in the state of Georgia is served by 18 public health districts and 12 health care coalitions. The substantial variation in the intensity of the pandemic outbreak is evident from the Georgia COVID-19 Daily Status Report updated daily by the Department of Public Health.

To inform Georgia stakeholders, public health districts, and health care coalitions on the disparate burden of COVID-19 to Georgia communities, we utilize secondary data to generate the following illustrative maps.

Georgia relative to the US

159 counties relative to the state of Georgia

Socio-demographic and health vulnerability

Health system capacity associated vulnerability

Funding acknowledgment: University of Georgia President’s Interdisciplinary Seed Grant Program, NICHD, and NIMHD.

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