Biplav Tiwari

Biplav Tiwari

Hello, I am Biplav Babu Tiwari, and I am from Kathmandu, Nepal. I received my bachelor’s degree in public health (BPH) from the Institute of Medicine, Nepal in 2018.

I am currently a candidate for the MPH student with a concentration in health policy and management. My research interests include health disparity, evidence-based policymaking, health services research, health economics, and economic evaluations. As a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) for the Economic Evaluation Research Group (EERG), I have been able to develop cost instruments to measure the cost of autism care provided by Marcus Autism Center, the cost of the asthma home visit program, and the cost of community health promoters (CHPs) program. In addition, I have been involved in program evaluation for Health Literacy Program in Albany, Georgia cancer control program, and the Asthma home visit program. In the future, I look forward to collaborating with the team members and conducting research in my interest areas.

Additionally, I am leading research on the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination efforts in improving COVID-19 vaccination among African Americans in Georgia, and the gender gap in physical activity among middle- and high-school students.

Outside of academia, I enjoy cooking and binge-watching tv-shows.

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