In this project, we are conducting an economic evaluation of the Community Health Promoter (CHP) Program in Puerto Rico considering wider health-related activities to develop a business case for the sustainability and expansion of the program.


The CHP Program is attempting to strengthen a community’s capacity to provide home and health center-based care for chronic care management, navigating social determinants of health and mental health, as well as disaster preparedness and resilience strategies for high-risk populations.

Funded By

  • Puerto Rico Public Health Trust
  • Medtronic Foundation

Involved Team Members

Conference Presentations

Chung, S. R., Rajbhandari-Thapa, J., Cronan, E., Khan, M., & Cordero, J. (2022). Community Health Promoters Program in Puerto Rico: Who are the Non-Participants? State of the Public Health Conference, 2022. (Poster)

Reports to Stakeholders

Puerto Rico Community Health Promoters Program Economic Evaluation Report

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